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We carry out diagnostics, maintenance and repair of installed HBO on cars from all HBO manufacturers
Information about us

A company that is engaged in the sale of HBO by large wholesalers and small retailers, where parcels are sent on the day of the order, and payment for the goods upon receipt and with delivery throughout the territory

We install HBO on all types of cars with its further maintenance and necessary related repairs with a guarantee for spare parts and work performed - a network of autogas service stations

We carry out diagnostics, maintenance and repair of installed HBO on cars from all HBO manufacturers.

We repair gas pressure and vacuum sensors, as well as control units of the gas injection system.

We are official distributors - we fulfill all warranty obligations

HBO installation

Our company has been operating on the market for over 15 years. It is at the above listed gas equipment maintenance stations that we guarantee high-quality service and a responsible approach to work. Where a real warranty is given for the work performed and the material used for the maintenance, repair or installation of HBO.

reducer, multivalve, gas and petrol valve, VZU
Landi Renzo
all kits for installation and maintenance of the system
emulators, valves, switches, connectors
Repair of control units of the gas injection system
  • Tartatini
  • KME Nevo
  • KME Diego G-3
AEB MP32, MP48, MP48 OBD, 5-6-8 (Landi Renzo, King, Alex, ReaGas, Pride, Elpigaz
How is gas installed in your car?
Frequently asked questions for the repair of HBO blocks and sensors:
How long is the guarantee? – The warranty is provided for the work performed for a period of 6 months (the beginning of the warranty is the day the repair is completed).
What does your warranty cover after repair? - Only for completed work and replaced items.
Under what conditions is the guarantee valid? — The warranty is preserved with the whole warranty seal and observance of the rules of use.
How long does the repair take? — The terms of repair work are from 2 to 14 days (depending on the complexity of the repair and the workload of the masters) + the time for delivery by postal services.
Are all pressure sensors or blocks repairable? - Not all blocks and sensors can be restored, there is a small risk of not repairing it.
What city do you repair? — at the moment, we carry out repair work in the city
If I am in another city, can I send it to you for repairs? — Yes, we accept requests for repairs from all over Ukraine and work with any carrier convenient for you.
No answer to your question? - call or write to us, we will answer you as soon as possible.
Phone: +6 523 4567889