LPG Conversion
How does gas work in a car?
Under pressure, gas in the form of a liquid enters the gearbox, which is heated by antifreeze from the cooling system. A solenoid valve in front of the reducer regulates the gas supply. In the reducer, the gas evaporates to the usual gaseous state and enters the mixer through an adjusting device - a dispenser.
What is the cost of propane?
For example, if a car consumes 10 liters of gasoline, then propane consumption will be 11-12 liters or 8-8.5 cubic meters of methane. Consumption on (propane-butane) is the most important parameter. After all, the main goal (re-equipment) of the HBO installation is to spend less money on gas stations.
What affects the increased gas consumption?
Increased fuel consumption can be caused by: late ignition (up to 1% excess). incorrect gap between the electrodes of the spark plugs (exceeding the norm by up to 10%); unregulated fuel supply and combustion system (exceeding the norm by up to 50%);

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